PDF Documentation

PDF brochures and white papers for the SysMaster's family of products and solutions.
Documents also include financial analysis and bussiness modules.
The documents listed below are PDF files.
You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these files.

VoIP Product Brochures
  Tornado M5 - IP Telephone (PDF 224 kb)  
  Tornado M10 - Media CPE Adapter (PDF 534 kb)  
  Tornado M20 - IP Telephone (PDF 2.03 mb)  
  VoiceMaster Advanced VoIP Billing (PDF 253 mb)  
  VoiceMaster (all-in-one VoIP solution) (PDF 468 kb)  
  VoiceMaster Gatekeeper (PDF 382 kb)  
  Advanced VoIP Gateway (PDF 534 kb)  
  SysMaster Call Back Services (PDF 640 kb)  
  SysMaster H.323/SIP SoftPhone (PDF 157 kb)  
  SysMaster SMS Gateway (PDF 851 kb)  
  SysMaster SM 7000 PBX Server (PDF 382 kb)  
  SysMaster SM 7000 Voice Mail Server (PDF 439 kb)  
  SysMaster SM 7000 Conference Server (PDF 447 kb)  
  SysMaster SM 7000 Follow-Me Server (PDF 317 kb)  

Telecom VoIP Convergence (PDF 148 kb)

  Wireless VoIP Convergence (PDF 196 kb)  
Broadband Communications Services
  Broadband Communications Services Platform (PDF 1.83 mb)  
  Broadband Communications Services Infrastructure (PDF 920 kb)  
VoIP Advanced Telephony Solutions
  DSL and Cable Operator VoIP Implementation (PDF 200 kb)  
  SysMaster Advanced Telephony Solutions (PDF 303 kb)  
  SysMaster Advanced Telephony Solutions - Hospitality Industry (PDF 315 kb)  
  SysMaster Telephony and VoIP Solutions - Cable Service Providers (PDF 146 kb)  
  SysMaster Telephony and VoIP Solutions - Competitive Carrier, Telecom, and ISP (PDF 308 kb)  
Technical Notes and White Papers
  Number Portability (PDF 446 kb)  
  Internet Offload (PDF 207 kb)  
  VoIP NAT Traversal with Sysmaster (PDF 133 kb)  
  Integration of SS7 Equipment into Existing ISDN and VoIP Networks (PDF 448 kb)  
  SysMaster SM 7000 - Typical Implementation Scenarios (PDF 339 kb)  
  SysMaster SoftSwitch/Session Border Controller - Typical Business Scenarios (PDF 369kb)  
  SysMaster Internet Telephony - Services, Technical Challenges and Solutions (PDF 336kb)  
Business Models
  Calling Cards Business Model (PDF 197 kb)  
  Call Back Business Model (PDF 231 kb)  
  VoIP over Wi-Fi Business Model (PDF 179 kb)  
  SMS Content Distribution Business Model (PDF 167 kb)  
  Voice over Broadband Business Model (PDF 216 kb)  
  Virtual Office Business Model (PDF 245 kb)  
  Hosted VoIP PBX Business Model (PDF 165 kb)  
  Internet Cafe/Callshop Business Model (PDF 173 kb)  
  Wholesale Billing Business Model (PDF 186 kb)  
  VoIP Termination Business Model (PDF 199 kb)  
  Triple Play Business Model (PDF 156 kb)  
VoIP Financial Analysis Brochures
  SysMaster SM 7000 Callback Server ROI (PDF 114 kb)  
  SysMaster SM 7000 Conference Server ROI (PDF 424 kb)  
  SysMaster SM 7000 Follow-Me Server ROI (PDF 114 kb)  
  Calling Cards ROI (PDF 424 kb)  
  SysMaster SM 7000 PBX Server ROI (PDF 114 kb)  
  VoiceMaster Return on Investment (ROI) (PDF 424 kb)  
  SysMaster Gateway SM 7000 Competitive Analysis (PDF 424 kb)  
CRM Products
  VoIP/PBX Contact Call Center (PDF 227kb)  
  Support and Sales Automation (PDF 268 kb)  
  Web Chat Server (PDF 201 kb)  
  Desktop Sharing Server (PDF 167 kb)  
ISP Brochures
  VoiceMaster ISP Billing (PDF 349 kb)  
  VoIP ISP Billing (PDF 368 kb)  
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