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SysMaster Chromecast and Mobile Streaming Solution

Product Overview

Problem: IPTV provider is searching for a low-cost solution that will allow subscribers to watch real-time digital TV over LAN/WAN. The provider does not want to use proprietary STB (set-top-box) to receive the IPTV channels, but instead allow subscribers to use Chromecast USB stick sold by Google. IN addition, the subscribers can use ay type of mobile device to receive the IPTV stream. The objective is to avoid investment in STB equipment and provide flexible IPTV services that will work both on mobile devices and on large TV sets.

Solution: SysMaster has developed a server technology that runs on either CMS (Content Management System) or Broadcaster and supports concurrent mobile and Chromecast streaming. The system will stream in MPEG4/H264 that can be displayed by Android and iOS devices an at the same time is integrated with Chromecast USB stick TV streaming to large screen TV sets.

Key Features

  • Support for HLS and TS streaming
  • Support for Android and IOS mobile devices
  • Support for Chromecast stream management
  • Low-cost without the need for STB equipment
  • Support for subscriber billing and authentication

Support for HLS and MPEG4 streaming

SysMaster mobile streaming services allow subscriber streaming in both TS and HLS streaming formats. This is required for flexibility in supporting different types of mobile and Chrmecast devices. The technology is fully integrated with Google Chromecast USB stock to allow large screen TV streaming with remote management form mobile phones, tables, and PC computers.

Support for Android and IOS mobile devices

SysMaster mobile streaming supports both Android and iOS devices to allow device independent operation. Almost all smart phones and tablet models are supported provided the devices allow H264 video decoding and HLS/TS stream format.

Support for Chromecast stream management

SysMaster supports Google Chromecast USB device functionality. All streams are captured by the smart phone or tablet device and then are send to the Chromecast USB device that is connected to a large screen TV set. As a result all streams can be viewed on the home TV entertainment system instead on the mobile device. All controls such as volume, and trick play are still managed by the mobile device.

Low-cost without the need for STB equipment

SysMaster supports low cost mobile streaming that does not require any special receivers such as STB (set-top-boxes). The stream uses H264 video codec and HLS/TS format for digital signal distribution. The stream can be viewed on any type of smart phone or tablet and also on TV sets using Chromecast USB device.

Support for subscriber billing and authentication

SysMaster supports advanced subscriber billing and authentication based on Pin number, IP address, MAC address or other unique device identifiers. The billing system allows subscriber authentication, authorization and accounting. IN addition advanced content management is supported to allow easy IPTV programming and content distribution.

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