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Voice over Broadband Solution

Business Opportunity

The rapid growth of Voice-over-IP technology in the early 2000s has lead to fast innovation in the telecom sector. Many new telecom providers came into existence and many new services utilizing VoIP technology were brought to market. Voice-over-Broadband emerged as a clear winner among such services. First offered by Vonage Inc. in the US, Voice-over-Broadband, also known as Hosted IP PBX, quickly gained popularity among consumers and service providers.

Voice-over-Broadband services appeal to end-users because they get PBX functionality with freedom to use it from any location which has a wired or wireless Internet connection. The Voice-over-Broadband business model also appeals to providers as it allows them to offer services to a very broad customer base with moderate infrastructure investments. By designing service packages with different features and pricing, providers can effectively segment their customers and target the most lucrative segments. Providers compete on the basis of quality, features, service availability and pricing.

Business Solution

SysMaster offers integrated, feature rich and scalable Voice-over-Broadband solution. It features full PBX functionality, enhanced unified messaging features, IVR, voicemail, powerful billing capabilities, and intuitive CRM portal. Because all solution components are manufactured by SysMaster, providers benefit from reduced integration costs and shorter time-to-market for rolling out their services.


How does the solution work?

User experience

  • The user subscribes for a particular service plan on the service provider’s website.
  • The provider sends the user a SIP phone. The user connects the SIP phone to his/her local area network.
  • The user picks up the SIP phone and hears a regular dial tone.
  • The user dials a destination number and the call gets connected.
  • Each month, the user receives electronic or printed invoice from the provider.
  • The user can check his account balance/history online on the provider’s website and can make automatic or manual credit card payments.

Service provider experience

  • When the user picks up the SIP phone and dials the destination number, SM7000 VoIP Gateway sends an authorization request to VoiceMaster® VoIP Billing.
  • VoiceMaster® verifies user account information and authorizes the call if the user has sufficient balance.
  • SM7000 passes the destination number to uniSwitch Softswitch and requests routing information.
  • uniSwitch returns to SM7000 the IP address of the remote (termination) gateway and SM7000 connects to it. The remote gateway terminates the call to the destination party. If the call is to another subscriber of the same service provider, SM7000 terminates the call directly.
  • Upon call completion, VoiceMaster® records complete CDR information for the call and debits the user account with accumulated service charges.

Solution components and requirements

Core elements of SysMaster's Voice-over-Broadband Solution include:

  • VoiceMaster® VoIP Billing, a robust billing server that supports a wide spectrum of pre- and post-paid VoIP services.
  • nSwitch Class 5, a feature rich, versatile, and scalable IP PBX server, specifically designed for Voice-over-Broadband or Hosted PBX services.
  • uniSwitch Softswitch, a flexible VoIP Softswitch that offers secure and reliable peering between VoIP networks.

Interested to learn more about that solution? Call Us today or email us at service@sysmaster.com.

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