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VoiceMaster Billing Platform

Product Overview

VoIP Billing

Flexible Call billing and Calling time measurement

  • Refined call billing
    VoiceMaster provides refined configuration for call billing. Administrators can select which call legs can take part in the process of call duration.
  • Flexible call billing based on call duration.
  • Flexible call billing based on the phone number through which the call enters the system. The system supports ANI/PIN prefix/Username/Caller ID/IP address authentication.
  • Flexible granularity of rounding call minutes.
  • Grace periods and additional call adjustment billing policies.
  • IVR integration with the selected billing policies.

Two sides of system interaction

  • End user interaction
    • CRM
      In the case of end users of the system, online billing functionality is exposed through the CRM web site where users can manage their accounts and purchase calling time and view detailed calling history records. End users of resellers and Corp. Clients can also use the CRM to see rates related to them as well as manage their accounts.
    • Browser based Administrative console for managed services.
      In the case of managed services resellers, corporate clients can access information related to their system activity. The look of the Administrative console is customized to expose only information related to them.
  • Administrative interaction
    • Administrative console - allows for full feature control of the system.

Supported Client accounts

  • End User accounts
    These are regular end users of the system making the actual calls;
  • Reseller accounts
    These are the accounts of resellers of the service the managing company provides.
  • Corporate accounts
    These are the accounts of corporations which use the system with special type of billing. With this type of service many users are bound to one corporate account.
  • Wholesale accounts
    These are the accounts, the system uses to identify wholesale telecom clients that utilize the infrastructure of the management company.

End user management

  • Per user defined rates;
  • Per user defined currency;
  • Monthly Email statements;
  • Online Statements;
  • User defined profiles;
  • Per user balance;
  • Detailed Call History per user/call with attached routing/billing information per call;
  • Effective Rates calculator listing effective rates for each user.

Flexible Rates Policies

  • Floating model for rates
    Administrators can form rates for users based on a provider rate and adding adjustments reflecting profit/expenses. This model is floating model because the final effective rate for a user is bound to a provider rate that can fluctuate. The binding algorithm can be either with absolute or relative (percentage) margins.
  • Fixed model for rates
    Administrators can form rates for users based on a flat rate.
  • Per user rate adjustments
  • Separate Reseller rates
  • Separate Corporate account rates
  • Separate Provider and wholesale rates

Flexible PIN Batch Management

The system provides batches of PINs for Resellers and Corporate accounts. This is suitable for printing calling cards and selling them from kiosk type of sale points or for online sale of calling cards. The system provides:

  • Fine granularity of batch activation
  • Detailed information of current status of already generated and activated PINs
  • Flexible Import/Export of Batch PINs

Comprehensive Reports

  • Accounting Reports
    • Revenue reports
    • Expenses reports
    • Detailed call history reports for agents like Resellers, Corporate accounts, Wholesalers and Billing Providers
  • Flexible Export of all reports.
  • Rich data presentation - Table/2D - 3D chart data presentation
  • System Reports
  • Low Balances
  • Transactions
  • Batch Statistics
  • Balance Alerts (additional module)
  • Currency Management (additional module) - the system can support multiple currencies e.g. the system can support separate currency for each user. The currency propagates to the CRM web site.

Billing Management Tools

  • Global Rate tool for management of reseller/wholesaler/provider/system rates
  • Tool for calculating call costs along with detailed routing information for a sample call.

Flexible Billing

Types of users

Users can be prepaid, postpaid or regular.

The system allows for automatic creation of batches of user accounts for prepaid services. These are suitable for selling Internet cards.


Postpaid accounts have the flexibility of payments at the end of a set billing period.

Regular end users can register and administer their accounts including recharging their accounts through the online CRM site.

All users can recharge their accounts.

Reseller structure

VoiceMaster supports Resellers, Wholesalers and Providers with flexible commission schemes and rate adjustment.

Types of billing

The system supports time based and volume based billing.

Wireless, Broadband and Traditional ISP Billing

The system can interface and bill multiple type of users. It can bill users connecting through Dial-up modems, broadband ISDN lines, DSL/Cable, WLAN users connecting to the system through an Access Point.

With VoiceMaster, the ISP infrastructure includes the VoiceMaster functioning as a gateway/router/access controller, a DHCP server, a DNS server and a possible firewall. The VoiceMaster server features optional firewall capabilities for filtering inbound and outbound traffic. The server can work also behind NAT where it is responsible for NAT translating and giving access to NAT-ed users to the Internet.

VoiceMaster is suitable for building Wireless Hotspot serviced areas. With its complete integrated feature set, it represents the ideal solution and reasonable price.


CRM Integration

The VoiceMaster billing solution comes complete with an integrated comprehensive CRM interface that allows for:

  • Register for the service online.
  • View and change their account profile.
  • View detailed history records about Internet sessions.
  • Buy calling time with a credit card. The CRM web site provides secure (SSL) pages and scripts for credit card processing. To this end the hosting company should have a valid merchant account. All other APIs for processing the card are provided by the CRM server CGI modules.
  • Integrated email server for dispatching service emails.
Dynamic QoS Connection Management

Each Internet user account with the system can be attached specific QoS rules. QoS rules can enforce limits on the maximum bandwidth allowed for the inbound and outbound traffic. Should the peering routers support DiffServ, the system can enforce additional rules regarding traffic prioritization and policing. All features come with fine traffic filtering granularity based on IP source/destination addresses, inbound/outbound TCP/UDP ports.

Integrated Firewall

The integrated firewall provides for traffic filtering and user admission based on username/password or source IP address/range. The firewall works along with the RADIUS server and the AAA system. The following filters can be enforced:

  • IP protocol - TCP, UDP, ICMP and more;
  • Source IP address;
  • Destination IP address;
  • Source TCP/UDP port;
  • Destination TCP/UDP port;
RADIUS server and AAA

The integrated RADIUS server is compliant with industry standards. It can communicate with

  • DSL, Cable, ISDN, Dialup
  • PPPoE and VPNs
  • VoIP
  • Internet Kiosk and Café
  • Wi-Fi hotspots

Accepted methods for authentication are:

  • by IP;
  • by PPPoE - username/password;
  • by RADIUS protocol - username/password - users accessing the system from modem banks;
  • by PIN;

Login page for universal login

For PIN access, the system provides an easy HTTP based authentication mechanism. This method requires a standard web browser. The whole process of authentication is as easy as filling a PIN password in a web page. The logout process can be done based on specified timeout or visiting a logout page (same as the login).

Centralized Session Control Center

All administration is handled through an advanced browser based console. It allows real time monitoring of current sessions and with the possibility for administrative intervention.

Extension Modules

Gatekeeper Extension Modules

  • Advanced SIP Registrar/Gatekeeper
  • Special Gatekeeper Module (req. GK Mod)
  • Automatic Route Fail-Over Module
  • Exception Numbers Module/Customer Service
  • Custom Routes Module
  • Number Redirect Module

Billing Extension Modules

  • International Currency Module
  • Batch Time Period Billing Module
  • Progressive Billing Module
  • Special Numbers Module (DNIS/ANI Billing)
  • Cisco Gatekeeper Interface Module
  • Custom Statement Module
  • Discount Credit Time Module
  • Low Balance Alarm Module
  • Outstanding Invoices Module
  • Phone Shop/Cashier Module
  • Peak/Off-Peak For Providers Module
  • Peak/Off-Peak Time Module
  • Flag Fall Module
  • Custom Tax


  • Database Replication Module

Platform Extension Modules

  • Managed Services Module
  • Virtual Web/HTTP Server Module
  • Custom Prompts Module

Web Console

Comprehensive Management Console

The VoiceMaster Management Console provides comprehensive feature set for easy administration of most aspects of the system. The console allows for remote control and management of the whole infrastructure - starting/stopping of separate system components, administering accounts, rates, system configurations, reports. The console environment supports multiple application windows to view relating information. The console provides import/export utilities for data transfer. The console can be used by third parties such as Resellers/Corporate clients to access information relating only to them.

Managed Services Benefits

Resellers of the managing company can login and administer their rates, create PINs as well as administer their users.

System Features and Tools

  • Access Control Lists for accessing the system console. Each administrative user has separate roles based on its privileges.
  • System Stats - displays system activity in terms of calls, minutes, successful/failed call ratios, average profits, etc.
  • Area Code stats - displays call stats in terms of accessed area codes.
  • Comprehensive Call History reports
  • Current calls system monitor - shows the current calls managed by the system along with CDR information for each call.
  • Support for Multiple web sites hosted on the box.
  • User calls error and warning logs
  • System event error and warning logs


VoiceMaster supports and advanced Radius server that works well with all radius compliant VoIP gateways and fully supports VSA and AVPAIR attributes. The system features:

  • High call authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA) throughput
  • Dynamic IVR control
  • Support for ANI/DNIS billing and authentication
  • CDR collection mode for wholesale users
  • Flexible call leg capturing for improved call time calculation and billing
  • Improved security via Radius Shared Secret

VoiceMaster RADIUS Server is a full scale Radius Server running on UNIX/Linux platform to high throughput and unbeatable performance.

IVR Server

IVR Server is an advanced TFTP server implementation with support for over 10 languages, and multi-language prompts. The TFTP server allows dynamic retrieval of audio files and script files based on language selection. The server can also support selectable language serving based on IP address of the requesting party.
The IVR server features

  • Industrial throughput
  • Multi-language voice support
  • Support for over 10 languages
  • Flexible upload and download mechanism
  • Script file serving capability

Database Server

Database System is the heart of the billing platform. The system features high-performance throughput with over 50 new calls per second capability and over 5 thousand concurrent calls and over 4,000,000 calls per day. The database can run in a replicated mode to allow full fail over functionality. Our solution features SQL Server integration on Linux platform. Most of the billing logic is database based to allow high level of security and unmatched performance.


The database features the following:

  • High performance in multi-transaction, multi-threaded environment.
  • High index based data retrieval
  • High performance data manipulation based on stored procedure utilization
  • Support for popular ODBC/JDBC/native drivers
  • Support for CGI scripts within the box
  • Support for special security agents for remote server connectivity
  • Data replication and mirroring
  • Manager access so managers can create their own database functionality and retrieve/present data on the fly.
  • Three-tier security for access to sensitive system data.

The overall DB implementation guarantees high performance results, high data security and industrial reliability.

CRM Interface


VoiceMaster provides an extremely flexible CRM (Customer Relationship Management) web site and CRM toolkit that allow regular end users to sign up for your phone service and operate their account online. The totally automated CRM interface allows users to:

  • Register for the service
  • View and change their account profile.
  • View detailed history records about calls they made. This data is taken straight from the CDR records of the database.
  • Buy calling time with a credit card. The CRM web site provides secure (SSL) pages and scripts for credit card processing. To this end the hosting company should have a valid merchant account. All other APIs for processing the card are provided by the CRM server CGI modules.
  • View updated rates which are displayed exactly as the administrators set them for their system in the database.


All static pages of the CRM web site can be customized and along with it the pictures of the site so that a totally new look is achieved. In addition, the view of the dynamic part of the pages served through the CGI modules can be modified thanks to the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) used to format the pages. The dynamic pages are assembled through the use of templates that can be changed as well. All custom content is managed through FTP protocol.

E-mail Interface

The system has an integrated SMTP email server for sending monthly statements to users that opted for this. This is very convenient for both Prepaid or Postpaid user accounts. In addition this module is used for sending customized messages to users for operating purposes such as registration confirmation, password retrieval, monthly statements.

You can view the standard web interface that ships with the unit at:



VoIP Integrated Billing Platform

SysMaster provides its clients with the ability to enhance their competitiveness and respond to customer’s need through the introduction of a 5 level integrated billing platform.
This solution offering can provide you with the ability to respond faster to customer demand and market opportunities and take advantage of reduced costs and speed of deployment.

You can enhance your business as follows:

VoiceMaster Billing and Routing Platform*

Call Capacity
Number of Users
Static Mode Routed / Softswitch Mode Proxy Mode
Level 1 Pentium® 4 Processor 1000 500 350 up to 1.5M
Level 2 Dual XEON 2000 1000 700 up to 1.5M
Level 3 Pentium® 4 Dual XEON 3000 1500 1050 1M - 5M
Level 4 Dual XEON Dual XEON 8000 4000 2800 1M - 5M
Level 5 Quad XEON Quad XEON 20000 10000 7000 Unlimited

*All corresponding values are projection estimates only.

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