Know of a company that would like to cut their network operating costs?
Become a SysMaster Sales Agent and earn cash by referring them to SysMaster.

Delivering technical solutions in today's networking marketplace demands a specialized knowledge and an investment in time; two things many of us have too little of these days. But, if you are active in the information technology (IT) field, who you know may be of cash value to you.

SysMaster pays a cash referral fee to qualified individuals and companies (Agents) who instigate the eventual sale of a SysMaster to an end-user customer by SysMaster directly. We have also made SysMaster's Agent Program simple to start and use.

For complete details, click here to read our Agent Partner Agreement. Simply complete it and fax it to 510-428-2495, and a SysMaster representative will contact you to finalize our partnership. If you would like to first discuss SysMaster's Sales Agent program, contact us at

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